Error C2143 Problem with old SDL2_Image 2.0.0

Hello everyone, I would like to fix SDL2_image 2.0.0 because Half-Life uses SDL2 ( 2.0.0 ) that is why I need downgrade SDL_image version because I use newest version and Half-Life will crash. That is why I need help to fix why I need only f**king

How do I fix? I use Visual Studio 2019 Community? Can I resolve with old version of SDL2_image because I want load special textures for Half-Life.

And I have set path of Half-Life-SDK/external/SDL2 ( It is include directory like SDL2 2.0.0 )

what makes you think the problem is with sdl2_image and not your code

Because I thought Half-Life doesn’t use SDL2_image and company Value wrote custom loader with tga and I searched Google and I expect stb_image can load without SDL2_image under Half-Life. Thanks for understanding me! I will continue with stb_image on SDL2 Of Half-Life.

Best regards