[Feature request] Currently there is no way to make nicely working tooltips with SDL

Problem is that SDL_RaiseWindow or SDL_ShowWindow doesnt have optional bool parameter that indicate if raised window should get focus or not. Or SDL_SetWindowInputFocus should be made xplat (but i prefer 1st idea). One of these is required to make nicely working tooltip.

Is this something on the radar?

If you know which window you are dealing with, could you restore focus immediately?

I know (its as simple as using SDL_GetMouseFocus before raising tooltip) but cannot due to SDL_SetWindowInputFocus not being xplat. Anyway adding optional bool parameter would be better since it would prevent focusing althogether. Why waste unnecessarily cycles on something you will absolutely doesnt need in case of tooltips?

Oh, I get what you mean by “xplat” now. That’s disappointing that it is only supported on X11. A change to SDL_RaiseWindow would be good, though it affects API compatibility.

I checked source code and it turned out that ShowWindow would be better suited for optional parameter. (for Windows its as simple as providing different flag for internal ShowWindow, for X11 its as simple as skipping SetWindowActive for others platforms idk i tried only cocoa but i dont know well cocoa rest platforms i skipped).

Regarding compatbility as long as there is overloaded ShowWindow i dont think it should be issue?