Figuring out a good place to start with contributing to SDL

Hey, not sure if this is the best place to ask or on the GitHub, after using SDL for a while I was wondering what’s a good place in the projects to start contributing/finding issues to help with?

The parts I’m particularly interested in helping out with is

  • fixing issues with the wiki and autogeneration (I know that’s been an issue for a while)
  • Helping out with the SDL Shader GPU language internals/compiler.


The wiki would be a wonderful place to start. Go ahead and create an issue for discussion on the main SDL project and @icculus can give you an intro and help you get started.

Thank you!

My English is not good enough to write text, but I can write examples or docs for the functions. With you needs some help with the wiki, I can help you, here my discord @cpusam88 or just comment the topic.