Filename Checker / Changer searched for Porting

The problem comes, when writing a game or an app for a none file case
sensitive OS like Windows,
without having porting to other OSes in mind.
In a Windows source it makes no difference if you write #include "SDL.h"
or #include “sdl.h” or #include “myown.h” or
#include “MyOwn.h”. As the Windows Filesystem is not case sensitive it
just works, but on Linux and Mac OSX it fails badly.
The same is true for game data files, like Bitmaps, Sounds, …
Thanks to Linux and OSX, you have great scripting possibilities there, so
you can write shell scripts to help you out.

I haven’t hit that issue much. I typically have issues with names of files
the program itself is using, not not include or .c, .cpp file names. I
personally prefer to work with all lower case. If the problem is limited
to include files, it should be fairly easy to write a Perl (or other
language) script that goes through and does a regular expression search for
all instances of #include " or #include < and replaces all letters up to
the next " or > with lower case. Grep will at least find all instances for
you if you decide to replace by hand in a text editor. tr can change case
in Perl if scripting. You’d have to rename all your files to lower case as
well if they’re not already set that way. Probably a fast way to do that
is to get a directory listing of file names, make a copy of the directory
listing and switch them all to lower case in a programming editor. Use
a programming editor that can copy and paste columns (like SciTE) and copy
the lower case listing in a column next to the upper case listing and add a
cp or mv command to the beginning of the line. Just some ideas…On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 4:05 AM, Torsten Giebl wrote: