Flock failed to lock maps file: errno = 35

When I started and made my mind to use SDL among other libraries for game developement, I was so happy! but at the begining of my development, I’ve faced with this Error! I’ve searched a lot in the intenet, I’ve restarted my mac! but there is still this problem. I found a topic here, and 2 other posted, but they couldn’t solve the problem! by Restarting mac, it won’t disappear!

I’m using Mac 10.15.3 , XCode 11.3.1 , SDL2

can anyone help me?

Is this file opened by another process by any chance? Perhaps you have multiple instances of your code running (or some zombie processes even)?

Also have this issue which only appears when running debug mode.
I don’t think it will cause any issues with your code.

I’m fairly certain this is a previous debug or release instance running in the background. When you start debug session on a freshly started xcode, after rebooting the machine - does this happen as well? Are you sure you’re not leaking some file handle? Are you sure you’re not opening the same file twice in your code?

I have the exactly same thing with vscode…