FPS Count

Now that someone(davidhaggard) post something(1600 FPS) that make me confused,
ok i’ll need to straight thing here, i’ve code something here, but what i’ve
got was only 200 FPS, that’s far away to 1600FPS

PC Spec: Amd Duron 700Mhz, Nvidia TNT2/M64 32MB, 256 MB RAM
/****************** BEGIN CODE ********************************/
I’m tring to do some ‘imaginary’ code here */
#include <stdio.h> <stdlib.h> <GL/gl.h> <GLU/glu.h> <SDL.h>

unsigned int framecount;
Uint32 Timer_1Second(Uint32 interval, void *param)
{ fprintf(stdout, “FPS : %d \r”, framecount); fflush(stdout);
framecount = 0; return interval;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
SDL_Event event;

SDL_SetVideoMode(800, 600, 16, SDL_OPENGL);

/* Basically FPS Count can be done like this right? */
SDL_AddTimer(999, Timer_1Second, NULL);

while(1)	// Let's strip the Poll Event part here
	// i've got about 350 FPS with below been commented */
	// i've got about 320 FPS with below been commented, but my PC freezing 
	// And if those above 2 line been commented, i've got about 250.000 FPS
	// just to make sure nothing else is making slowdown


/****************** END CODE *********************************/

I’m quite sure that i’ve setup NVidia Driver correctly, But I’m sure it’s
already using 3D Accelaration, TuxRacer Game working smooth than before?,
SDLgears working with his small window (320x240) with 520FPS, and 80FPS with
his window been maximized(not fullscreen)

Now my question is, is that 200 FPS is standard FPS for my spec? but how about
davidhaggar say’d 1600 FPS, what his spec anyway

I am not sure if I said this, but when I got 1600fps it wasnt my code it was
someone elses demo, so I have no idea what he did.