Framebuffer prevents keyboard events

I’m having the exact problem described here:

“I face similar problems. When I use the fbcon target video and
audio are processed correctly. But input (keyboard/mouse) doesn’t
work at all, even console switching or kernel SysReq keys. Others
applications that use framebuffer seems to work though (I’ve been
successfull with mplayer at least), so this may be a bug in SDL
input code?”

I don’t actually think it is a SDL bug, but I can’t think of any
reason that the keyboard would be screwed up. Like the above person,
I have no keyboard or application problems otherwise, but I can’t type
into or stop an SDL program running on the vesa framebuffer.

In the 2 years since the above post was entered, has it been
determined if there’s a common configuration problem that can cause


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