Fullscreen & dualhead issue (Was Re: [Tuxpaint-devel] Bangalore Weekend Testers)

Hm, this would be an issue at the SDL level. Does anyone know if there’s
a way to ‘hint’ to SDL to act sanely when run fullscreen on a dualheaded

Cc’ing SDL’s listOn Tue, Sep 08, 2009 at 05:37:56PM +0300, Ivan Alekseev wrote:

  1. Problems with position/size in fullscreen mode on two displays system.

1280x1024 + 1024x768, TuxPaint: FULLSCREEN, NATIVE - TuxPaint window goes
out of second display.
1280x1024 + 1024x768. TuxPaint: FULLSCREEN, 1024x768 - TuxPaint window in
the middle, between two screens.