Fullscreen in Twin Monitor problem

Lets say i hav two monitors attached

When i hav a resolution, say 1024 X 768 and i do fullscreen ------
then In linux, left half of the display goes to right half of the left
and right half of the display goes to left half of the right monitor
In Windows, the fullscreen mode works fine! Display goes only to the left
(or right monitor, depending upon which is set as the primary monitor from
the OS)

When i increase the resolution to say 10242 X 768, and do fullscreen,----
then in Linux, it fantastically spans the display to the two monitors as
though in windows either the monitor says sync outa range (if 1024
2 is not
there), or it kinda fits the 1024*2 X 768 display within only
the primary monitor (say a 19" monitor which supports 2048 X 1536)

the problem is, SDL in linux, doesnt do proper fullscreen but just creates a
window wid the specified size and hides the decoration
and in windows it goes 4 proper fullscreen and thats why their is a
difference in the behaviour

ne solutions?–

Shiben Bhattacharjee
OBH-65, IIIT, Hyderbad-19