Fullscreen,XFree3.3.5,DGA and SDL

I have a problem with running SDL(1.0.1) programs full screen,They just refuse to become full
screen even when I run them as root.I ran the test programs with the -fullscreen option but all of
them remained windowed.Same with the latest Maelstorm.I do have 640x480 modeline defined for 16bpp.

I can’t see where the problem is.It becomes more confusing since I have a vague memory of playing
Myth 2 demo(statically linked!!) in fullscreen a month back but now it also stays windowed.Of course
I upgraded my X server from 3.3.3(Redhat5.2) to 3.3.5(Redhat 6.1).Can there be a problem there?

I am able to run “State of Mind”(a demo program) fullscreen using DGA so there’s no problem with

Unrelated stuff:-
Is somebody telling the mpegtv people that SDL has gone to the next version?
Why is the default mouse cursor in SDL blunt?

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