[Fwd: Drawing ideas, 2D heightmap...]

Just pondering a simple game, and artist has done a simple mockup,
showing the hills/landscape. I would, from programming POV, like to
store/represent this as a list of “heights” and then draw them, and
shade it.

It also needs to be able to zoom-out, scale. All degrees/levels would be
nice, but pre-set ones are acceptable too.

It’s larger, sideways, than the screen, so scrolling left/right and zoom
is important.

Had a look at Kyra, it has scaling after all, not for tiles though, but
if I draw this in program, I’d use canvas anyway, which may not help
with scaling. Then there is GL, which has scaling, even though its 2D,
maybe that is a good approach.

What about the shading itself, blit with blend? bump-map?

Just wondering if anyone has any good ideas, or approaches, out of


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