[fwd] SuperTux Milestone1 Release

Check it out! :slight_smile:
I’m very pleased with where they’ve taken my 4yr old
little neglected game :slight_smile:


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I have released now Milestone1, aka SuperTux 0.1.0, new features:

Super Tux 0.1.0 (3 May 04)

  • completly new graphics
  • a basic storyline
  • new enemies
  • new music
  • a worldmap
  • 26 fully playable levels
  • configurable joystick and keyboard support
  • new s-expr based file-format
  • converter script for old levels (levelconverter-0.0.6_0.0.7.py)
  • switched completly to C++
  • automagic detection of the datafile location, no more requirement
    to run ‘make install’
  • Win32 port
  • config file support

Download is available at:

I removed the build-in leveleditor from the menu in that release since
currently the editor is very easy to crash (ie. press the settings
button). When the editor gets ready we can make another release quite
easily together with other minor bugfixes that show up until then, so it
shouldn’t be a big problem.

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