[Game] Blip & Blop for android


My name is Martin and i’m glad to present one of my android games. Blip & Blop was released in 2002, it’s a shoot’em up.
I played this game when i was 7, and he let me a good impression. After many works (Tower bruiser, Smarttpixel, Pixel conquest…)
in C++/Opengl, i wanted to port a game. So i decided to port Blip & Blop on android :

Unfortunately for me, this game was already ported with SDL, so i just had to port it on Android (replace some dependencies, edit ressource access, event, fix some bugs…)

For this port i use C++, SDL2, Android NDK/SDK

[size=18:c91387094c]Video :[/size:c91387094c]

[size=18:c91387094c]Some screenshots:[/size:c91387094c]
image image
image image

[size=18:c91387094c]Download link[/size:c91387094c]

I hope you will like this game !
Any questions/comments/tips are welcome.


Update with many features.
Tell me what you think about the game !

Good work man, it’s a funny game.

Thanks !