[GAME] Hatched! for Android


I just released my first Android game, based on SDL2 / NDK:

It’s an exploration / puzzle game, with (after some introduction) some real brain teasers. Give it a whirl if that’s your thing. :slight_smile:
The game uses an implementation of a suggestion made on this forum a while ago: SDL_RenderCopies, which renders an array of tiles from a single texture for high performance on mobile devices (ES2.0). With this, most devices reach 50fps for nice and smooth gameplay.

Feedback on the demo / full game would of course be appreciated.

  • Jacco Bikker.

I haven’t played your game yet but from the look on your trailer video, I like it. When I saw it, I came to think of the game Lolo on NES. :smiley:

I also recognize (some of) the tiles you’ve used. I remember I’ve seen it on a website and that it could be downloaded for free from there. I just want to point out that this is not a negative thing. I like it.

Have you used only SDL2 (SDL2, SDL Image and such) or have you used other external libraries, like Box2D for example?

Good job!

Lolo on NES? I believe that’s related to the Eggerland series, which I played on MSX, and it’s definitely inspired by that. :slight_smile:

Regarding the art: it’s using Daniel Cook’s tiles, and ancient mod music from MODARCHIVE.org, and sounds from freesounds.org, and so on, so… let’s call it advanced programmer art. The main character is actually mine, and so are the levels of course. All art is verified to be free to use and properly acknowledged in the app itself.

Regarding SDL2: it’s using a slightly modified version of the latest SDL2 snapshot. I had to make changes like SDL_RenderCopies and some minor things (e.g. the pink screen problem on Galaxy phones), but apart from that it’s a great way to do Android/C++ coding. On top of that I use SDL_Image and SDL_Mixer. ZLib is used to compress everything (installer is 4.5Mb, and there’s quite a bit of content). No other external libs were used. I also used https://tinypng.com/ to reduce many png’s to a fraction of their original size.

  • Jacco.

I just downloaded and tried out the game and I like it so far. :smiley:

Just one more question: do you use Windows when you’re develops games with SDL? The reason why I’m asking is because I’m having troubles executing my android apps on an emulator and on an actual device and I therefore wondering if you’re using Windows and what you did to make it work. If you would like to answer my question in my original thread (so this thread don’t go too much off-topic), the thread is here: https://forums.libsdl.org/viewtopic.php?t=10748

Yes, the game runs entirely on Windows, and I only do Android builds occasionally. This obviously makes development a lot easier. I’ll go in a bit more detail tomorrow in the thread you mentioned.

Don’t forget to rate the game (honestly please, I’m not begging for 5 stars). It would be great if I could get some kind of impression of how people peceive the game.