Game Project

Hi, sorry that this is sort of off topic, but if there’s anyone interested
in working on a little game along with me please give me an email.

I’m currently working on doing a little version of Motocross Maniacs (It was
a GameBoy game). It’s pretty cool, I just set an orthogonal viewing volume
with GL, and basically treat things as if I’m doing pure 2D. This is cool
because I get a lot of effects for “free” such as alpha blending, layers,
etc, to do some neat effects with. So I would like to follow through and
finish that up with someone, but I also want to move to some full 3D work

Immediate future:

  • SDL support - events, sound. GL – (events and GL is done and working)
  • texturing – (done)
  • load a level – (working on)
  • load Models and place them in the level – (working on)
  • manipulate the above – (working on)
  • simple physics


  • “real” 3D things
  • multitexturing
  • SDL thread support
  • simple scripting language

As you can see nothing too fancy, but it should be fun. Contact me if you’d
like to contribute and we can work something out…

-Todd P.