Gamecontroller on Linux

Hi all,

I’m running into two issues on Linux with our game (ibb&obb) but to keep threads clean I’ll separate the issues in two topics.

Gamecontrollers on Linux (Ubuntu 16.-04) are causing two issue for us:

  1. When running the game in windowed mode the gamecontrollers work fine, however when running full screen (SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP) the gamecontroller are detected but getting buttons or axis will always return non-pressed/non-moved buttons and sticks.

  2. In both windowed and fullscreen mode, controller connect and disconnect messages are not received and controller disconnect e.g. are not handled at all. SDL_GameControllerGetAttached always returns true.

I’ve tried multiple revisions of the SDL source code (from up to 9174 up to current) but they all give the same issues.

Any thoughts on these?