Gamecube Controller


i read that SDL2 got native support for the Gamecube controller without the need of vJoy or something similar.
However i am currently unable to get the Gamecube controller to work with SDL2 (revision 12743).

OS is Windows 10 (10.0.17763 Build 17763).

I suspect its not a SDL2 issue but a Windows issue, as the adapter devices fails to start with

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

A top level collection was declared without a usage or with more than one usage.

The driver it is trying to use is the normal windows hidusb one.
Im unable to find any information on this except driver replacement for Dolphin and some articles that talk about the HIDAPI rework.

I also checked, just to be sure, and

hid_enumerate(0, 0);

does not return the device.

How is it supposed to work? Do i have to replace the driver with WinUSB or libusb or something else?