GamesCreators: informational portal

I would like to show you the project I’m currently working on. It is an information portal about game programing using SDL.
The main aim of the project is to provide programers with an informational portal. Write articles, example programs, demos, etc.
Another aim is to develop games ( I’m currently developing an 2D RST game for interested in joining send me an e-mail).
Everything will be free and open source of course. There is a forum for discussions as well. The site was about 3 months online.
As I said before I’m working on RST game which first beta release will be in the end of July. Everybody interested in the project
can join. Article writers, coders, news updaters, and what is very important, people who can make the forum interesting and with
much more content as it has now =) are required. If you have any article, game, or some kind of example or demo showing something
interesting, you can send it to this e-mail: @antonmasteR or gamescreators at The url of this project is:
Everybody are welcome.