Gaps when scaling textures

Hi list,

When I compile my game for the Windows target, I noticed a slight (but
annoying) problem: during scaling textures, there are gaps appearing…

the problem only appears when using nearest scaling, only with "linear"
or “best” (which is unfortunate, since these are the ones I’d like to use).

It’s exactly the same problem than described here:

I understand the problem, but I can’t find any useable solution… Would
be nice to be able to say to the scaling algorithm “when going out of
the texture, use pixels from the other side to scale”. Is it possible
with SDL?

The only alternative I think could work would be to do my textures
bigger, and apply a source rect when drawing them to screen, striping a
few pixels on every border… but it would be quite a cumbersome solution
for me.
Curiously, the problem do not appear on Linux, so it seems technically
possible to solve it…

Anybody experienced this problem already? Any hints?