Global mouse grab


Apologies if this a stupid/redundant question. Is it possible to have a
"global" mouse grab setting, so that all programs using SDL can have the
mouse grabbed/ungrabbed via the same trigger?

Reason why I ask is that on a dual-monitor setup, where a full-screen SDL
program is used on the first monitor, there is no convenient way for the
user to respond to events on the second monitor without exiting the program
in question, if the developer of that problem has not included mouse grab/ungrab
in his program.

You might say that this is a bug that needs to be addressed with the developer
of the program, but there are too many programs out there already with no
mouse grab/ungrab; a global setting would be more beneficial from the user’s
perspective (well, at least from my perspective…).

Ryan Underwood, , icq=10317253