gluPerspective SDL 2.0 NDK OpenGL ES 1.1

Hello Dudes,

I’m now trying to enable 3D on my Android using SDL 2.0.

I downloaded the glu source directory from
I added it to the jini/directory, tried comping no luck and the includes don’t seem to work glu.h can’t be found.

Anyone have an experience getting OpenGL ES 1.1 using the NDK to work with gluPerspective?

I don’t know if this helps but, you can simply implement it yourself:

procedure gluPerspective(fovY, aspect, zNear, zFar: GLdouble);
fw, fh: GLdouble;
fh := Tan(fovY / 360 * PI) * zNear;
fW := fH * aspect;
glFrustum(-fW, fW, -fH, fH, zNear, zFar);