Good news for every graphics library out there :) (fwd)

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Subject: Good news for every graphics library out there :slight_smile:

Ok, this is really good news, forward it to the SDL team members :slight_smile:

We decided to extract the copy classes and license them separately under
LGPL. I’m going to maintain this. The classes will not have any namespaces
in them an the filenames will be limited to 8+3, so they compile on any

This is intented for PTC development. What I suggest the SDL team does is:
You use the assembler files from that package and nothing else (that’s all
you need really). Everytime I release a new version, you just overwrite
the assembler files. (The only thing you need apart from that is the
structure that is passed to the assembler routines, that contains the
pitch, width, etc etc…)

It’s a good day, Mesa 3.0 beta8, 2.0.36 pre 7, egcs 1.1beta and THIS :slight_smile:

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