GSoC 2011: SDL support for Haiku

Hello SDL devs, this year for GSoC, Haiku ( has a couple
of applications for porting SDL 1.3 to Haiku. Although these
applications have not yet been accepted, we thought it would be
worthwhile to see if someone from the SDL camp would be willing to
work with us. If one of these proposals is accepted and completed, it
could benefit both Haiku and SDL. What we’re hoping for is an SDL dev
who could help to evaluate the proposals, help the student meet SDL’s
coding guidelines, and get any code they write integrated into SDL’s
repos. Our mentors will work to keep the burden on anyone who wants to
help minimal, but of course, some work will be required. Anyone who is
interested, feel free to email me off-list.

Thank you,
Alex Wilson (yourpalal)