GUI libraries that support embedding SDL inside them?

Is there any cross-platform GUI library (Qt/GTK/Swing/etc.) which allows embedding an SDL window inside it without messing up events and still allowing hardware acceleration? I need this to implement an level editor for my engine, currently I am using SDL3 and D3D12, with Vulkan on the way.

I am trying to avoid in-window GUI (dear imgui, etc.); so that I have access to editor even after screwing up the rendering accidentally?

As an example, I am trying to make something that looks like this:
EDIT: One example on integrating Qt is at GitHub - playmer/SDL_Qt_ImGui_Example (thanks to playmer for pointing to it)

I know on Windows there’s something like this here: c# - Launch a .exe application - not Notepad - inside a Panel in a WinForm using EnumWindows - Stack Overflow

I don’t know any crossplatform way, but perhaps if you collect how something like this is done in macOS and Linux you could use that in the toolkit you end up using.

But I am curious too about something like this - and if someone has something that only works for Winforms it would be good enough to me too right now. Commenting more to read the replies.