HarmonyOS and OpenHarmony SDL Support?

HarmonyOS and OpenHarmony both already support C programming language which this SDL is based off. I was wondering cross platform SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer will support the emerging world’s third largest mobile platform and the world’s largest IoT platform built by Huawei since US sanctions imposed in 2019, when it was established the same year. It has 470 million devices running already in China, and Tablets sold and phones running the new operating system outside of China with EMUI 12 based off HarmonyOS/OpenHarmony code that support native HarmonyOS specific Hap apps. HarmonyOS app package consists of Hap files for abilities, codes for everything and the .app is the distribution of HarmonyOS apps and games that can only run on HarmonyOS based devices (non-Android platform, Android alternative). On the latest HarmonyOS 3.0 version, it comes with its own OpenHarmony 3.1 Graphic Framework that improves HarmonyOS 3.0 system animations. OpenHarmony Graphic animation powered by GPU HDF Driver.

Huawei has its own Computer Graphics Kit and 3D Modelling Kit for Huawei Mobile Services Core, HMS Core on its cross-platform Huawei Mobile Services platform that is embedded in Android based EMUI platforms and Huawei’s own indigenous independent operating systems its proprietary based HarmonyOS and open-source variant OpenHarmony, with Windows support for its laptops.

I would love to see if SDL is ported to this new emerging mobile IoT platform, so I can help contribute open source PPSSPP PSP Emulator developments for the new OS that will be able to run on tablets, phones and TV that runs HarmonyOS with Huawei AppGallery which is less strict like Google Play compared to the Apple App Store.
HarmonyOS - Wikipedia
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In general, as long as there is someone willing to maintain a platform long term, we are happy to include support for new platforms. If you’re that person, feel free to create a PR on GitHub with a working port to HarmonyOS.

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