Help linking SDL_ttf in Windows

I am trying to make an SDL app, that uses SDL_ttf to create a starting menu, but I can’t figure out how to build it in Windows. It works in Linux, but I would personally like to also have a Windows build. My file structure looks as such:


both files in libs also have an include/ and lib/. In run.bat, I have the following command to try to compile it:
clang++ -Iinclude .\src\*.cpp -o chip8 -Ilibs/SDL/include -Llibs/SDL/lib -lSDL2 -Ilibs/SDL_TTF/include -Llibs/SDL_TTF/lib -lSDL2_ttf
However, there is an issue with libs/SDL_TTF/include/SDL2/SDL_ttf.h: It can’t find SDL.h, begin_code.h, and close_code.h, to which I try to change them to my standard <SDL2/[name].h>, and then clang says: cannot find -lSDL2: No such file or directory
What am I doing wrong here?

Why build it at all? I use the pre-built sdl2_ttf.dll which works fine for me.

I do have sdl2_ttf.dll in the root, how would I use it here? I assumed that the dll was used for ... -lSDL2_ttf of clang. Do I not need the lib and include files?

In case it’s helpful this is my Windows makefile.

I’m sorry, I still don’t understand. My clang++ command appears to be structured similarly to the .exe, with mine just being a big ole’ static command. It’s odd, the command works on Linux, without needing the -L.. and -I... I also experimented with trying to get CMake to work, to no avail, as it cannot find SDL2_ttf.h for some reason, likely due to Arch combining them.