Help using Dear imGui

hello everyone is there anybody who know how create multiple rendering in different window using Imgui with SDL as a backend rendering, excuse for my english i m natural french, thank.

You can ask too in the SDL’s discord channel

ok, where is the discord channel link?

You can get the link here:

I cannot copy the link cause invitation is blocked for me.

First, @samleo, having the discussion in Discord means that no one else will ever see it, since Discord isn’t searchable. And if the person who knows the answer isn’t online right then, well, hope the Discord you’re on isn’t too busy or else they won’t ever see it either.

Anyway, the answer is that it isn’t possible straight out of the box; Dear ImGui’s included SDL_Renderer backend didn’t support it the last time I looked. However, the Dear ImGui → SDL_Renderer code isn’t that big or complicated, so you could probably copy it and then add your own code to handle creating a new window and SDL_Renderer when needed.

One thing to keep in mind is that SDL_Renderer doesn’t support sharing textures across SDL_Renderer instances, so you’ll have to manually load any textures needed to new window’s SDL_Renderer (including the Dear ImGui UI texture). This is probably why Dear ImGui’s SDL_Renderer backend doesn’t support multiple windows.

It’s also worth pointing out that this is only a limitation when using SDL_Renderer; if you’re using OpenGL, Vulkan, etc., it should work out of the box.