Me again! :slight_smile:

I haven’t figured out my problem, and I was wondering if someone could
look at my code and just look and see if they find anything wierd about my
keyboard handling code…

I don’t want to put it as an attachment, but if you would like to help me,
you can download it at:

That is the current snapshot of cvs… If anyone could just look at it and
tell me that I’m stupid because of some simple error! I would really like
that because I am very fustrated. :slight_smile:

Anyways, just download it, and type tar -zxvf sdlpong.tar.gz then cd
netpong, them type make, then just run ./qdunetpong

Once your in it, just press enter to start the game. The keys are:

Player 1: Up = r Down = f
Player 2: Up = UPARROW Down = DOWNARROW

So, try pressing r and uparrow at the same time and watch it crash. :slight_smile:

If you don’t press any key are the same time, then you can just play the
game normally. :slight_smile:

Also, the keyboard code starts on line 359

Thanks. See ya