How to add #include "SDL_ttf.h" header ?

Hi all i want to display some text in my SDL project for this i have downloaded “SDL2_ttf-devel-2.22.0-mingw” and also added the include files and lib option in include path,but when i am compiling i am getting Error: …..\SDL2_ttf_2_22_0_Devel\x86_64-w64-mingw32\include\SDL2\SDL_ttf.h|39|fatal error: SDL.h: No such file or directory|

For reference i am image is attached:

now i am confused as i already added SDL2 in searched paths in CodeBlocks but still TTF module didn’t find it.

Also i don’t know anything related to this #include “begin_code.h” means from where i have to add this header as the folder contain a single header “SDL_ttf.h”.

Note: My SDL2 is working fine and i have already ran many programs in past in same project

Please help…

Shrikant Vaishnav

Make sure that SDL2_dir/x86_64-w64-mingw32/include/SDL2/ is also in the include search path (you probably already have SDL2_dir/x86_64-w64-mingw32/include/, but you also need to explicitly set its SDL2/ subdir as include search path, so #include <SDL.h>, and not just #include <SDL2/SDL.h>, works)

now after adding sub directories in linker setting and search paths now i am getting following error:

How to solve i don’t know.

Shrikant Vaishnav

Do you have the same entries as me? SDL3 should be SDL2 for you ?

Thankyou all, now my problem is solved by adding this:

and this:

Both in compiler and linker.