How to compile programs which write by SDL function lib?

Hi all,

My Linux host use Micromindows and it already exist SDL-1.2.5.

I use sdl-1.2.4a and follow README.NanoX to install.
eg. #./configure --disable-video-x11 --disable-video-fbcon --enable-video-nanox --enable-nanox-direct-fb
#make install

Currently, I use SDL fuction library to write an application.

What 's compile command that I do?
eg. #gcc my_program.c -o my_program ‘sdl-config --libs --cflags’ ???

I am afraid the command link to X11 but not Nano-X.

What’s solution that I can do, please?


Infinity Cheng

Dear ???:

You can put your demos under the directory test of sdl-1.2.4,
and at the same time modify the makefile.
that would be ok , I think.

good luck