How to Get started using SDL?

So I am new to this platform, and I m using cpp for the last 3-5 months. I was interested in creating 2D Graphics. So I heard about SDL and here I am today. I would like to know how I would get started with it like online tutorials, documentation, etc. I reached a few videos on SDL but couldn’t find anything good. Also would like to know more about SDL :slight_smile: Thankyou

I think a good start for SDL (if you are an absolute beginner) is to set a simple goal, for example: make a program that displays a square which position on screen can be controlled by keyboard arrows.
When you finish it, you can make it more complex, add a menu screen, use sprites, use the sound subsystem, whatever you want.
This will be motivate you to search new information, you will have a problems that you need to solve, and of course the desire to finish it will push you forward.

You can start from the lazyfoo tutorials for reference, many beginners have learned from it.

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Thank you so much for replying to my silly beginner’s question. Not only you gave me the resource to learn but also gave me the motivation to do it xD Thanks once again! Cheers mytho!

No problem, glad my answer was helpful for you.

Hey, i would like to know some tips on using an IDE or any other compiler with cmake etc.

Like I could write a simple game in it and later export it as an exe file

There’s so many things about it, but if now everything works out for you, it’s better to concentrate on the programming itself and you will understand what you need yourself :+1:!

Alr, Actually right now following this tutorial series:

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