How to join two windows in one? top_Window + bottom_Window

Hi folks, I have a code where the camera scroll left, right, up, down, and I would like to add a progress bar similar to the one below at the bottom of my window:


Is it possible to create the progress bar in a different window and then join my top game window with this new window, so they can render at different times? If not when scrolling up and down I would have that progress bar in the way, indeed my camera is set to the exact dimension of window height and window width and therefore works flawlessly without the bar because it is not part of my current texture.

Any suggestion how to join two windows in one? (I have created the bottom_Window so far but I want it to be unified with the top one so they can be moved at the same time)

Many thanks!

I found a fix, no need to create a new window indeed the X, Y positions of Player and Backgrounds were rendered relative to the camera but I had not to do the same for the progress bar:


const SDL_Rect PlayerQuad = {(int)(Player.XPosition - Camera.XPosition), (int)(Player.YPosition - Camera.YPosition), (int)Player.Width, (int)Player.Height};

SDL_RenderCopy(pRenderer, Player.playerTexturewr, nullptr, &PlayerQuad);

The X, Y positions of our progressing bar were now rendered NON RELATIVE TO THE CAMERA:

const SDL_Rect BarQuad = {(int)Bar.XPosition, (int)Bar.YPosition, (int)Bar.Width, (int)Bar.Height}; SDL_RenderFillRect(pRenderer, &BarQuad);