How to set the rendering target in SDL 1.3?


I am using SDL 1.3 with Direct3D9 on Windows XP.
I want to render the texture to other texture using SDL_RenderCopy.
In SDL 1.2, I can blit the surface to the surface.
In SDL 1.3, I can not render the texture to the texture.
Only the window has the rendering target.
How to set the rendering target to my created texture?

// the codes I want (pseudo codes)
SDL_SetRenderingTarget(off_screen_texture_id); // set the rendering
target to off_screen_texture
SDL_RenderCopy(image_texture_id, NULL, &dstrect); // copy
image_texture to off_screen_texture
SDL_RevertRenderingTarget(); // revert the rendering target to the
back buffer texture

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