How to use SDL-based application on an ARM board?

Hi, it’s my first time to use mailing list to ask for help.I am just a
beginner on Linux.
I’m now cross-compiling a SDL-based YUV player and I want to use it on an
S3C2410 ARM board under linux.
I’ve already cross-compiled the SDL and the player.But when I executed the
player on the board,the LCD turns dark and the QT gui disappeared.
When I compiled the SDl, I configure it in this way:

./configure --prefix=/opt/libSDL/ --enable-video-fbcon --enable-video-qtopia
–disable-video-photon --disable-video-direct --disable-video-ggi
–disable-video-svga --disable-video-aalib --disable-video-dummy
–disable-video-dga --disable-arts --disable-esd --disable-alsa
–disable-video-x11 --disable-nasm --disable-debug ----disable-joystick

I guess there are people who had similar experience using SDL-based player
on the embedded system, so I ask for your help.
Can I use SDl and QT/E at the same time?
If the answer is no, then how can I use the player on the arm board with a
general embedded gui?

The link for the YUV viewer is : It seems that it’s
been a small opensource project, but i can’t find more information about
that.You can try to download and compile it if you’re interested in it.

Sorry for my poor English, thanks for your time.–