I made another game!

This has been in the works for awhile but I finally got to finishing the most important feature, the save states.

Chaste Panel

This game is my own attempt at a Panel de Pon clone

SDL Chaste Panel by chastitywhiterose (itch.io)

Chaste Panel update | Patreon

Panel de Pon in Japan was released as Tetris Attack in the west. It has nothing to do with Tetris with the exception of also being in the puzzle game Genre.

There have been many clones of this game. For example, Flipon, Super Plexis, and of course Panel Attack.

But this project is my own version. It is not meant to compete with these others but rather to be a simple experience for players and me as the programmer.

If something is behaving oddly or you find bugs in this game, please email me and maybe I can fix it!


Of course you can also reply to this post.

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