ICG 2D Game Engine

Hi SDL fans,

Just a quick post to say that there is a hobbyist game engine on
http://sourceforge.net/projects/icg. There isn’t much - we’re doing it (2 of
us) to learn and have some C++/Graphics cross platform fun. There is also
basic site on http://icg.sourceforge.net with some more info. There are
still things to be done; it isn’t the fastest; it isn’t the greatest; it
isn’t perfect, but maybe someone will find it useful.


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Hi, friends.

First of all, sorry my basic english.

I?m making a v-BINGO game.
It consists in a lot of little balls, falling thru the screen, and some simple animations and basic effects. Nothing hardcore or even heavy. Really not!

This game is a “port” from one Java version, working in 1024x768x32.
And this is my trouble: If I try to run in 32BitDepth, the FPS down to 20 or 22, to the max.

Now I?m working in 800x600x16.
The thechnique I?ve tried is to blit the balls over little regions (Only these little regions are redrawned ).

My question, finally, is: IS IT SO HARD to work with 1024x768x32?
Any tip about it?

My videoBoards are very different. I have five machines with five differents videoBoards. All SIS, OnBoard.
I?m in FullScreenMode. ( Before you ask! :-))

Thank you, everybody.

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