Image rendering issues

Hi for those who love to tell me google is my friend i have tried googling,

i’m running debian lenny with the SDL-dev’s (1.2) that come with that

i recently bought a new gfx card nvidia 7200gs, so for the irst time ever i
have more than 32mb gfx memory :wink:

but… i just went to tweak around with a game and the graphics have been
rendered with vertical lines, almost like scan lines but vertical

has anyone else ever experienced this?

i’m guessing its my images, but dunno, to make the images i use serveral
other images - a shape, a outline, a colour, a texture all put together,
textures and colours alpha blended.

attached is a zoomed up image, which should have a uniform colour, not
vertical lines visible

again i am guessing it is my images as i use pngs and have had problems
before with png pallete detecting and stuff.

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