Image rotation/scaling

There’s 2 versions of SDL 1.2 and 2.0. If you use 2.0 rotation have been added to it, if I’m not mistaken theres also a SDL_gfx2.0 port. Mind you SDL 2.0 is a bit different then 1.2. Or you could use OpenGL with SDL.

Mumbo wrote:> Hi.

I’m actually not the best programmer and started to play arround with Lazarus and SDL a while ago.
While the most things i need can be done “out of the box”, image rotation and scaling really give me trouble- i hope this is the right place to ask:

Possibilities i found for rotation/scaling till now:
a) Recopy a surface line by line -> Works for rotations by 90/180/270?. While it is a good workarround for some situations, this doesn’t solve the problem as a whole.
b) Use of SDL_GFX -> Works on my Linux machine, but i can’t compile the library on windows 7 64 bit. When i played arround with it under linux, i noticed some things i don’t really understand (rotation seems always to scale the picture a bit, forcing you to crop it afterwards). Seems like a thing that is hard to make use of if you want to give multisystem-support (=> finding a way to give a sdl_gfx for all windows-versions)…
c) Use of the Open_GL mode. I only read about it, and i’m pretty sure that this would be the way to go- however, it seems to be to complicated for me (dunno, as far as i get it i would need to go away from the whole surface stuf and would have to do “normal” open_gl programming with the support of the SDL, or not)?

Are there any (easier) ways i didn’t discoverd yet?