Incorrect file handling in Android.

Why is file opening not working under Android? Pictures are loaded with the SDL_LoadBMP command but standard fopen returns NULL.

It works for me in Android.

fopen returns a valid pointer, and the commands work like fgets? What version of Android?

Yes, fgets works. This is on multiple versions of Android, the earliest I’ve tried it on is 4.2.1 and the latest is version 12. However I’m not using a particularly recent version of Android Studio (it’s compiling with GCC rather than Clang, which I suppose could be significant).

Accessing files inside your apk is a little different than the normal filesystem, in case that’s what you’re doing. You should use SDL’s RWops to do the extra work for you.

Yes, if that’s what the OP is doing it could be part of the explanation. Because accessing resource files in the APK is also quite slow, on running my app for the first time I copy them into the local Android filesystem.

Builds according to this instruction:

Works by RWops, but I would prefer the standard. How is it different? What is the reason for not acting?