Inspired releases

I was inspired by Hakan Tandogan to create new RPM spec files for SDL.
SDL is now built as separate runtime and development RPMs, like other
library packages for Linux. This allows software developers to have
RPM dependencies which can be resolved by getting software presumably
included with the users’ Linux distribution.

This also means I will be building runtime-only packages for the other
platforms, which will include the shared libraries and a README, but
nothing else, so you can include them with your software or have your
users get them from the SDL website.

The SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and SDL_ttf libraries all have been updated
with an RPM spec file, and both runtime and development binary packages
are available for Linux. The development binary packages require the
SDL 1.0.2 development binary RPM which will hopefully be released tomorrow.

If people create binary packages of SDL libraries for other platforms,
I will add links for them, just post the URLs on the mailing list.

These RPM packages are incentive for Linux distributions to start
carrying the more useful extra demos and libraries as a standard part
of their distribution. Other package format contributions are welcome,
I just don’t have the tools to build them.

Thanks Hakan!

-Sam Lantinga				(slouken at

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