iOS black screen


even after Sam fixed the black screen issue in 9da3d60cf531, I’m still
not able to render anything with the opengles2 sdl renderer on the ipad.
It works fine with the opengl version on Linux, MacOSX and Windows. The
opengles2 version even works fine on Android - just the iOS version
stays black. I’m trying to render in landscape mode - the readme
contains “Presently, landscape mode is not supported.” - so I also tried
portrait mode - but with the same result.

The only thing that works is setting the clear color to red or green
(via SDL_SetRenderDrawColor and SDL_RenderClear) - this is visible.
Everything else has no effect (e.g. rendering a filled rect or something
like that)

Does anyone else still have these problems?

iOS 4.3.3 IPad
iOS 5.x Simulator
Xcode 4.2

my simplified render function looks like this:

Thanks a lot