iOS Blockers Testings

Just an FYI, I think after I finally get the ES2 stuff working, I’m
going to go back to SDL and figure out a couple things. One, I’m going
to experiment with the animation loop callback (the game center patch)
and see what kind of speed I might loose going to that versus
controlling the loop, and I’ll report the findings here. If it’s not
bad, then maybe it’ll be the way forward in the future.

Knowing Apple, I suspect there will be more and more stuff in the future
where we’re going to have to give up a lot of control of the main loop
for things to work, and I’m still a little worried about just when those
activation calls come in (if iOS controls the main loop, then we can
assume they will come outside our loop, which isn’t always the case
right now.)

After that, I’ll relook at my patch, put in Pitor’s naming system, and
see how well it would integrate with the game center stuff.

Next, we should probably think about joysticks vs acceleration, and if I
have the time I’ll look into what kind of data I’m getting with the
constant acceleration calls.

If all this gets cleared out, I think the iOS stuff will be in the ready
state. I’m very happy with the OS X/win32 stuff, that all seems to work
like a charm in SDL2.

[>] Brian