iOS: How to create a launch storyboard for SDL app?

Xcode 11 gives this warning:

Launch images are deprecated in iOS 13.0. Use a launch storyboard or XIB instead.

Furthermore Apple has announced that App Store “Apps for iPhone or iPad must be built with the iOS 13 SDK or later and use an Xcode storyboard to provide the app’s launch screen” after, the newly extended deadline of, June 30th.

So how can I create a launch screen storyboard and make my SDL app use it?

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We are using xcode to build the final app, creating the launch storyboard there. It was a bit tricky at the beginning (I just didn’t know how they worked), but they just work. The storyboard needs to be mentioned specifically in the plist file.

It was never clear to me whether SDL eventually paints over the launch storyboard or if something else is going on underneath.

Have you tried to just add it with xcode?

How are you compiling the game?


I’m using Xcode but I am generating the projects with GYP and soon CMake so I need to figure out what to tell GYP/CMake to include in the project. I haven’t tried to create a storyboard yet. I expect I’ll have to create the board, save it with my other resources and then ensure it is included in the generated projects. I am hoping someone can provide some directions so I can avoid a lot of trial and error.

The launch storyboard is just for launch so yes SDL eventually paints over it. Using a storyboard to provide the app’s UI and therefore SDL’s drawing area is, I think, a different and probably harder problem.

This is exactly what we are doing. It’s annoying to have to manage it separately from other assets or the splash screen we paint on Android, but we have not found a better way.