iOS image quality question

We are developing a game for Android and iOS using SDL. Everything’s ready, but the iOS version is giving us some headaches due to image quality. We are currently having two problems: the background, which is a gradient, is shown using fewer colors, and the fonts are pixelated.

I think both issues are clearly visible in this screenshot from the simulator:

You can probably appreciate the font issue better if you open the image in a separate tab with right click on it.

The simulator is running an iPhone Xs with Graphics Quality Override set to High Quality.

I have disabled “Compressing PNG files”, but the result is the same. This issue is not always so visible, or, at least, not on all devices. I have tried the game on an iPhone 7 and I do not notice any image quality issues (backgrounds are smooth there).

Do you have any hints?


EDIT: Inline comment

So, just for anyone who ever comes back to this, what we did was:

  • Increase the resolution of some assets, and pick the ones to use depending on the user’s resolution.
  • Enable HighDPI
  • Use a gradient for the background.

It looks great now! :slight_smile: