Is it safe to exclusively use SDL_WINDOWEVENT_EXPOSED for drawing static window contents?

I am drawing static window contents.
Initially I was drawing before the event loop, but after realizing that I need to update my window if it gets minimized, and implementing SDL_WINDOWEVENT_EXPOSED, I found out that I now get two draws on the very first loop:

  1. One before the event loop
  2. Another one caused by SDL_WINDOWEVENT_EXPOSED

Since then I removed the draw before the event loop, and left only the SDL_WINDOWEVENT_EXPOSED draw. This works because it seems to get triggered by SDL_Init or something, so it can be used to draw the initial draw of the screen.

My question is: is this safe to use cross-platform, or should I keep my pre-event-loop draw, and then implement a trigger system that prevents SDL_WINDOWEVENT_EXPOSED from drawing the screen again during the very first loop?

Thank you!