Is the Haptic API supported fully with custom effects support for applicable devices?

I understand that for most devices, such as controllers, the haptic API supports simple rumble (which is sensible, as most game controllers seem to support just two types of motors, on the left and the right.), although for devices such as racing wheels, and even for example the PS5 controller, those typically have advanced haptics that can allow for some custom effects besides basic rumbling.

I was wondering for existing devices (racing wheels), and devices that in the futurethat could be supported (such as the PS5 controller), are custom haptic effects supported/would be supported? (for the PS5 controller this question applies much more,as to my understanding it seems as though rumble is supported generically through the HIDPI driver, although idk for sure).

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Here is response I found: Any plans on Dualsense adaptive trigger support? · Issue #5125 · libsdl-org/SDL · GitHub

There are no plans for integrating the DualSense adaptive tiggers into the haptics API. The SDL haptics API doesn’t map well to the capabilities of the adaptive triggers.