Is there any other better way to reduce cost?

my 2d game engine sample :

I applied a space division algorithm and ignored all of 2d draw calls from off-screen.
thanks to this, computing and rendering cost has been drastically reduced. :laughing:

now 15,000 objects were my maginot line for 60fps.
but I want to keep at least 100,000 objects alive // not passive… they’re must be active.

Is there any other better way to reduce cost? :shushing_face:

Without knowing exactly whats happening its hard to guess how to improve your framerate.

1 ) How are collisions been handled, quadtree etc.
2 ) Are you using the SDL2 ver that allows spritebatching?
If so are you using a texture atlas or seperate textures for different entities or animations ?
3 ) What is the entity container ?

I would suggest maybe running a profiler and see whats taking the most cpu time.

May not be a rendering overhead but a cpu one.