Issue reading some keys from ir remote


I am working on a Z80 emulator for my Linux TV box (Vu Solo4K) and i have issues reading some keys.
For instance esc, < “left” , > “right”, ok, and some other keys does not generate any event, all other keys works as expected.

There is a Linux vusolo4k 3.14.28-1.8 #1 SMP kernel

I initialize video, gamecontroler, and joistic ad then in a !quit loop i wait for events


fprintf event.key.keysym.scancode

All works but few keys don’t, i wonder what i am missing.

Many thanks,


Nobody??? :slight_smile:

Good, i found the issue, it seems that the missing IR remote control keys are not defined at all in any version of SDL.
I was able to add them to my development tree and I will provide a patch for those interested.

Here you can find the patch