Issue with SDL + Linux + arm + popen() update!

Hi there again,

I have some good news; at least I have found a work-around to the
problem whereby my app hangs when running with SDL on the Arcom Viper
(arm running Linux) and I call popen(). The work-around has been to use
the --disable-pthreads option when calling ./configure. I am now
calling configure as follows, and have no issues with lockups:

./configure --exec-prefix=/home/martin/src/sdl/viper --host=arm-linux
–disable-static --disable-audio --disable-jo
ystick --disable-cdrom --disable-threads --disable-alsa
–disable-alsatest --disable-arts --disable-diskaudio --dis
able-mintaudio --disable-video-x11 --disable-video-x11-vm --disable-dga
–disable-video-photo --disable-video-ps2gs
–disable-video-xbios --disable-video-x11-dgamouse
–disable-video-x11-xv --disable-video-x11-xinerama --disable-v
ideo-x11-xme --disable-video-dga --disable-video-gem
–disable-video-dummy --disable-video-opengl --disable-osmesa-
shared --disable-pthreads --disable-sigaction --disable-video-picogui
–disable-sdl-dlopen --disable-atari-ldg --di

Still, I’m curious to know why it was locking up before.

R A Ward Ltd.
Christchurch, New Zealand