kiss_sdl_cs - a C# port for kiss_sdl

A few days ago I was looking for a simple way to implement GUI widgets in my SDL2 C# project. Unfortunately, I could not find any existing toolkit written in C#. So I searched for other options, I came across kiss_sdl, created by actsl. However, this toolkit was written in C.

The last few days I spent my time making a pure C# port for kiss_sdl. Which you can find here:

The naming is done in the same exact way as in the C version, with little to no attention paid to the “proper” C# style. Everything seems to be working so far. I was wondering what you guys would think of it.

Any form of feedback is appreciated.

I would really try to make things as close to “the proper C# style” as possible. Keeping in mind that every barrier to entry will likely drive away half of your potential customers/users, you ideally want to go out of your way to make your system as usable to C# developers as possible.

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